Charlotte Garrison

How to Find an Affordable Lawyer?
Perusing in the confounding and muddled universe of legal advisors can generally stable as mistaking for anybody. There are many individuals who essentially feel that these things can be alarming and the expense of employing a legal advisor can simply will in general murder any individual who doesn’t know... Read more
Is It Illegal to Download Free Music?
The Confusion Surrounding Music Copyright Law Because there are so many different ways to get free music off the internet, there has become a lot of confusion and conflicting views as to what is legal and what isn’t. “OK, so it’s illegal to burn a copy of a CD... Read more
What Happens With Charitable Giving and the New Tax Law
Now that we’re into 2018, it’s vital if you’re a nonprofit leader, fundraiser, or board member to understand what the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may do to the philanthropic sector. Keep in mind that this is the first major overhaul of tax regulation in more than a generation,... Read more
Understanding Medical Malpractice – What It Means
A person will generally file a medical malpractice suit with a lawyer if they feel they have received substandard care by any healthcare professional, like a doctor or dentist, that has directly resulted in economic or physical damages to them personally or a family member. When discussing what substandard... Read more
What Are the Child Custody Rights in Divorce Cases?
The most important and complex issue in a divorce case is ‘Child Custody’. Both husband and wife, use child custody as a medium to establish the guilt and fault of the other party. In India, Guardian and Wards Act, 1890 is empowered to determine the issue of child custody.... Read more
The Top Business Lawyers Mean Business
The law also protects consumers from business monopolies, malpractices, price fixing, and other issues. As a business owner, you need to know about the laws regarding your business type, whether it is a small venture, a franchise, a partnership, or a corporation. There exist several legal considerations. The choices... Read more
Information About Sexual Harassment Claims
Sexual harassment is a crime according to state and federal laws. The law basically defines sexual harassment as unsolicited and unwelcome sexual advances. It doesn’t have to involve physical touch or action to be categorized as harassment. This can occur at the workplace, hospital, school, gym, shopping center, and... Read more
New Texas Law Makes It Tougher for Parents to Reclaim Their Children If They Relapse
I can see it in his eyes when he comes creeping in. He’s been somewhere he promised me he’d never go again… … This is our lives he’s tearing apart. It’s not a funny game. It’s destroyed our family and killed our love. Because he loves “Cocaine.” Source: Melissa Scott,... Read more